Compare healthy food choices for your dog

About Dog Care Cafe

Dog Care Cafe has been been created by myself, Daniel Walters, as a source to inspire dog pet owners to understand optimum choices to care for one’s beloved pet. In this unfortunate time of climate change and the Pandemic, we are all experiencing unexpected changes in our lives, and that certainly can affect our dogs, as well.

I feel dog food and nutrition is the beginning for a happy, healthy family pet. I personally am not a veterinarian, but as an avid dog lover of 3 Peagles who are approaching 10 years old, I think I can bring to the table what all of us pet owners really desire as pet parents.

Are you wondering “what the heck are “Peagles”? “Peagles” is one of many, newly classified names for mixed breeds. “Peagle” stands for the mixed breed of “Pit Bull” and “Beagle”. “Alice” the mama dog of the three, unfortunately has arthritis and I have researched the options to improve her health condition. I have found dog treats with tumeric, green mussels, and hemp to be beneficial in improving her symptoms.

I too have arthritis and similarly have found nutritional benefits to treat my condition. The purpose of Dog Care Cafe is to enlighten readers to care for our pets to prevent negative medical problems and also to approach dog nutrition from a perspective of improving our dogs lives, healthwise. I hope to attain this goal with persistent research, up to date reviews and dog food recalls, and together sharing of knowledge regarding our dog care experiences.